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Commission a watercolour painting

To commission a watercolour painting requires good communication with the artist to ensure satisfaction with the end product. The images to the right and below are examples of previous watercolour commission work. If you are interested, please read the short notes below before contacting me.

watercolour painting of a church watercolour painting of a church

Painting sizes vary and should be considered. The watercolour paper sizes that I use include 16x12 inches and 14x10 inches. Clearly, I can provide paintings smaller than these sizes. Please indicate your size preference in your enquiry.

watercolour comission watercolour comission

For any subject, good quality photographs or images will be required. Thanks to 'artistic licence' the final painting may not include all the detail on your photograph. For example, in the painting of the horses’ paddock an ugly telegraph pole and some farm buildings were omitted. Also, it is useful to point out that a watercolour painting is, in general, an impression of a scene rather than a direct copy.

watercolour commission watercolour commission
watercolour commission watercolour commission

"I really can't tell you how much I love this painting and how much it means to me, the way you have pictured it is perfect, it really made me feel as if I was there."

Please do not hesitate to contact me with your watercolour commission enquiry.

watercolour commission

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