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The Cockington Collection

Cockington is a charming little village nestling on the outskirts of Torquay in Devon. It is dominated by 14th century manor house set in lovely park and woodland. The village itself comprises ‘chocolate box’ cottages, portrayed in the original watercolour paintings below.

watercolour painting of Weaver's Cottage, Cockington

Just a short walk from Cockington Forge is the old Tea Shoppe at Weaver's Cottage where traditional Devon Teas are available in the relaxing rooms and tranquil garden.

watercolour painting of Weaver's Cottage, Cockington

Drake Cottage, below is another fine example of the 'choclate box' nature of the buildings in the village. Perfect for jigsaws and watercolor paintings!

watercolour painting of Drake Cottage, Cockington

The watercolour painting below depicts Rose Cottage.

watercolour painting of Cockington, Devon

Back to the Tea and Gift Shops, I have called this watercolour 'Waiting for Sue' as it depicts the often male dominated pastime of waiting for their spouses to browse around shops.

watercolour painting of Cockington, Devon

There seems to be a trend here .. same scene with different people. This one is called 'Shopping with Mum'. All paintings coming to a Tea Shoppe near you!

watercolour painting of Cockington, Devon

Please do not hesitate to contact me for sales or watercolour commissions.

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Find Cockington by zooming in on the map using the little + button. If you use the mouse wheel it will be difficult to find! Select 'Satellite' instead of 'Map' to see the overhead image of the village.