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Lanercost in north-east Cumbria is set in an area of outstanding beauty. The hamlet is dominated by Lanercost Priory, which dates back to 1169 when the Augustinian monastery was founded. The watercolour painting below is from the southeast and depicts the ruins of the monastic buildings, which are currently under the guardianship of English Heritage.

watercolour painting of Lanercost Priory

Lanercost is a stones throw away from Hadrian's Wall. Travel eastbound from Lanercost, up the hill through the charming hamlet called 'Banks' and the Roman Road will parallel Hadrian's Wall until it reachs the Roman Fort at Birdoswald. The watercolour painting below depicts a couple of sheep sheds that can be found half way to Birdoswald.

watercolour painting of Roman Road

Back to Lanerost Priory, the classic view is from the archway that is painted below. The archway was once part of the original gatehouse. The land between the arch and the Priory is known as the garth and is still used for sheep grazing.

watercolour painting of Lanercost Priory

Through the archway and over the cattlegrid (not seen on the painting above due to artistic licence), the next painting is from the garth on the left hand side as you look at it on the painting above.

watercolour painting of Lanercost Priory

The nearest civilisation is Brampton, a small market town about nine miles east of the city of Carlisle. Dominating the market square is Moot Hall from which the painting below was sketched out. Looking down Main Street, St Martin's church can be seen in the background. St Martin's is famous as the only church designed by the Pre-Raphaelite architect Philip Webb.

watercolour painting of Brampton, Cumbria

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