Donate Life It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of this limited edition print 'Welcome to the Falklands'. King's College Hospital All proceeds go to two wonderful charities, namely King's College Hospital and Donate Life.

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'Welcome to the Falklands'

Limited Edition 250 signed and numbered by the artist Printed on 300GSM Conqueror Stonewhite paper, size 22 x 16 inches

Price 70 each plus p&p

Chris McLaughlin While recovering from a life-saving organ transplant at King's College Hospital in London, former British Airways 747 Captain Chris McLaughlin could never have imagined where life would take him. Luckily, his supportive wife, and co-pilot Corrine encouraged him to plan a trip in their beloved 'Blue Jay', a decades-old Cessna 172XP. The idea was a flight from Cape Cod to Cape Horn. As residents of Nantucket Island, off the coast of Massachusetts, the McLaughlin's planned their 23,000 mile trip to include a risky flight out to the Falkland Islands, almost 400 nautical miles from the coast of Argentina and an historically-important British colony. With special clearances in place, Chris and Corrine approached the islands, radar contact was in place and they were asked if they would like to be 'embellished'. Within minutes, as they looked out the left window, there was a Typhoon jet, nose pointing skyward to match Blue Jay's speed.

"Welcome to the Falklands" the pilot cheerily said as he lit the reheat and disappeared with Eagle Two blasting by seconds later, all with the Falkland Islands beneath them. Chris was ecstatic as he shared that "my whole flying life could be boiled down, and the essence of it would be these few moments" when he shared the sky with the two Royal Air Force Typhoons.

James Baldwin and Chris McLaughlin James Baldwin and Corrine McLaughlin

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