Aviation art ~ Jaguar



Original Pencil Drawing, Size 22 x 16 inches, priced 500 GBP

The prototype Jaguar aircraft first flew in 1968 and was brought into service with the Royal Air Force in 1973 as a ground attack bomber. In its hay day, the Jaguar equipped eight front line squadrons, predominantly based in Germany during the Cold War. The Jaguar later saw action in the 1991 Gulf War and proved very successful on operations over Kuwait and south west Iraq. Later, the Jaguar was to see action during the Balkans conflict. The aircraft recieved many upgrades over the years but was always reknowned for being underpowered - it was said that the Jaguar was only able to take off due to the curvature of the earth! After thirty seven years of service with the RAF, the final flight of the Jaguar was with No. 6 Squadron at RAF Coningsby.

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